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Our client had an old drafty door, so they called
T-Square to fix the problem.

Their objectives were:

1 – Replace door

2 – Insulate

3 – Repair water damage

4 – Paint

5 – Add trim

6 – Add carpet

*We also added heat and extra electrical


Our client wanted to remodel their second bathroom,
so they called T-Square to assist.

Their objectives were:

1 – Tile floor

2 – Add mirror & light

3 – Replace vanity and toilet

4 – Replace trim and add new trim

5 – Paint

*We also added a custom tile surround in the tub area

Family Room

Our client wanted to reclaim unused space in the basement so they called T-Square to make it their new favorite place.

Their objectives were:

1 – Add lighting, light switches and outlets

2 – Remove paneling

3 – Replace door

4 – Replace trim

5 – Paint

6 – Carpeting

*We also insulated the walls


Our client wanted a total kitchen remodel so they called T-Square to turn it into their gathering place.

Their objectives were:

1 Add lighting

2 Replace cabinets and flooring

3 Relocate stove and the refrigerator

4 Add decorative trim

*We also relocated the sink in a new 8′ x 4′ island,relocated the stairs, and opened up the door way